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Underwater Treadmill Services

  • 1 h
  • Mustang Court

Service Description

An underwater treadmill helps provide buoyancy and decreased pain on arthritis joints, assists with movement for weak legs and helps improve overall cardiovascular health. Exercise also helps reduce overall stress and pain, prepare for an activity or performance event or assist with weight management. Even if a pet "doesn't like water" they quickly change their mind after a few sessions. The buoyancy provides comfort and support while exercising, and it is also fun! The water is already warm (about 86 F) which helps reduce the need for a muscle warm up period and someone is always cheering on the pet with encouragement. Walking on a treadmill belt cannot be compared to taking a walk on land. During underwater treadmill therapy, we can control the speed of walking (or trotting!), water depth, duration and intensity of exercise based on a pet's needs. In addition, muscles are built symmetrically as the pet walks straighter compared to taking a walk on land. • Benefits of Hydrotherapy include: • Relaxation of muscles • Stress reduction • Pain reduction for arthritic joints • Assistance in walking for weak legs • Cardiovascular stamina • Circulatory stimulation • Improve self confidence • Improve coordination Almost all pets can benefit from Underwater treadmill therapy. Pets recovering from orthopedic or neurological injury as well as pets with increased stress associated with going to a veterinary hospital can benefit from this therapy. As muscles strengthen and coordination improves, confidence becomes greater. We have had several pet's attend therapeutic sessions simply for cognitive fitness stimulation, and they just can't get enough!

Contact Details

  • 911 Mustang Court, Petaluma, CA, USA

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